Books for 7 year old boys

Encouraging kids to read becomes easier when the story is engaging and in line with their interests. Focus on what they like already and choose a book with similar themes.
It could be mysteries or ninjas, the depths of the ocean or the pinnacle of footballing excellence. Whatever your kid is into, there's a book out there to suit every type of kid. To make your decision easier, we’ve narrowed it down to a selection of great books for 7 year old boys.
Every child reads at a different level. You'll find picture books, chapter books, graphic novels, and non-fiction in our list. These books are all recommended for 7 year olds. Some kids may need your help or would enjoy paired reading better than independent reading.

Picture Books

World At Your Feet by Rob Parker, illustrated by Lawerta

Explore some of the most iconic goals ever scored in children's football book World At Your Feet. Let your little football fan place themselves at the heart of the action. The rhyming commentary invites them to become Pele, Diego Maradona, Dennis Bergkamp, and many more football stars.
Suitable for ages 3-10, World At Your Feet is a beautiful picture book with rhyming verses. Filled with colour and excitement, it’s the perfect read for a football-obsessed 7 year old. It can be enjoyed by both advanced and reluctant readers.

Chapter Books

Monster Max and the Bobble Hat of Forgetting by Robin Bennett, illustrated by Tom Tinn-Disbury

Max is an ordinary boy, that is until he burps! His unique gift turns him into a monster with every burp and changes back with a sneeze. This gets him into some tricky situations. Max doesn't seem to be the only monster in his area. He has to get to the bottom of who’s causing mischief, all while eluding a new arch-enemy!
With its black and white illustrations, this silly adventure is gripping and action-packed. Behind the silliness and burping is a lovely message of embracing yourself and others. The Bobble Hat of Forgetting is the first in Max’s adventures; there's plenty more burping to come.

Marv and the Mega Robot by Alex Falase-Koya, illustrated by Paula Bowles

Stumbling on a superhero suit in his attic, Marv discovers that he comes from a long line of superheroes. When a villain and her robot crash Marv’s science fair he has no choice but to embrace his new powers and destiny.
The text is large and not too overwhelming for young readers. Its black, white, and blue illustrations make it a great introduction to chapter books.

The Boy Who Grew Dragons by Andy Shepherd, illustrated by Sara Ogilvie

Tomas' grandfather has a tree in his garden, producing some strange fruit. This is no ordinary fruit, it’s a hatching dragon! He soon finds that dragons get up to all sorts of mayhem.
This chapter book has magical illustrations throughout. Beautifully descriptive language flesh out the world of growing dragons. It’s a unique take on dragons and a great introduction to fantasy books for 7 year old boys.

Space Detectives by Mark Powers, illustrated by Dapo Adeola

Space detectives Connor and Ethan are spending their summer in the orbiting city of Starville. With dreams of becoming space detectives, they are thrust into a high-stakes mystery to save the city from colliding with the moon.
Fall into this galaxy of whimsy and fun. It’s the first of many adventures for the space detectives. Cow-shaped aliens, floating dogs, and futuristic cityscapes. Its comedic illustrations are detailed and engaging for young boy readers.

Toto the Ninja Cat and the Great Snake Escape by Dermot O’Leary, illustrated by Nick East

Do you ever feel like your cat has a double life? Partially blind cat Toto sleeps all day, but at night becomes Toto the ninja cat! Toto and her brother Silver roam the night having adventures. On a tour of their new city, they learn a king cobra has escaped London Zoo. With the help of other felines, Toto and her brother are on the hunt.
Filled with friendship, adventure, and fun, this is a fantastic choice for animal lovers and aspiring ninjas. It’s the first in the series with plenty of Toto and Silver adventures to follow.

Graphic Novels

Dog Man by Dav Pilkey

From the creator of Captain Underpants, Dog Man has been a hit with younger boys. As a full-colour graphic novel, it can act as a bridge between picture books and chapter books. Laugh out loud funny, Dog Man is filled with silly potty humour and delightfully gross illustrations. It’s the first of many books, so be prepared to fall into the world of Dog Man!

Bunny vs Monkey by Jamie Smart

Bunny vs Monkey is the first issues of Jamie Smart’s best-selling comic series bound into a graphic novel. Monkey’s rocket crashes into what he believes is another planet, only to find out it’s Bunny’s woods. Explosions, chaos, and fun, it’s got everything a 7 year old could want!
Easy to read and perfect for reluctant readers, Bunny vs Monkey has full-colour illustrations. It also encourages young comic artists with tutorials for drawing the characters included.


Who Would Win?: Battle Royale by Jerry Pallotta, illustrated by Rob Bolster

Most 7 year old boys have wondered which animal would win in a fight. Rhino vs. Hippo, Tyrannosaurus Rex vs. Velociraptor, Tasmanian Devil vs. Wolverine? Find out who wins in this battle royale!
Feed their curiosity while simultaneously introducing them to non-fiction. The book is packed with facts about these dangerous animals' anatomy and behaviours. It has beautiful and insightful illustrations, some even life-sized so you can get a real sense of the animal.

The Big Book of the Blue by Yuval Zoomer

Explore the sea and its creatures in this beautifully illustrated non-fiction book. Its conversational tone and fun facts make it a great casual read for curious minds who love the ocean. The Big Book of the Blue takes readers to the depths of the ocean and is a fantastic addition to any young marine biologist's bookshelves.
If the ocean isn’t something they’re interested in, The Big Book series has lots of other options like beasts, bugs, birds, blooms, and belonging.

Looking for other books for 7 year old boys?

This list is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to books for 7 year old boys. If you haven't seen something that would pique your little one's interest, consider going to your local independent book shop or library for advice on alternative books.

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