Football books for 6 year olds

Football Books For 6 Year Olds

Ready to indoctrinate your little one in the ways of the beautiful game and expand their mind at the same time? Look no further than this collection of football books for 6 year olds.

To help you find books that young readers will love, we’ve compiled a list of football picture books for 6-year-olds. There's something for everyone, including exciting illustrations, engaging stories, real football history, and silly adventures.


The Stars Are Playing Football by Chris Rebel, illustrated by Stu McLellan

Football books for 6 year olds - The Stars Are Playing Football

Sci-fi crossed with football, The Stars Are Playing Football is a story of one giant game of galactic football. Unable to choose a game to play together, the stars decide on football. Organising a huge game of football comes with challenges, especially in space. The stars will need to work as a team. 

The illustrations are full of fun and sure to send imaginations flying. The cast of characters is whimsical and diverse. The Stars Are Playing Football teaches teamwork, resilience, and problem-solving. 

Strong and Tough by Rico Hinson-King, illustrated by Nick Sharratt 

Football Books for 6 year olds - Strong and Tough

The story is about a young football-obsessed boy who was taken into care at a young age. He dreams of the day when he and his sisters can find their forever home. Charlie has a lot of big feelings, but he is determined to be strong and tough. 

Written by Premier League Young Writer of the Year, 10-year-old Rico Hinson King, Strong and Tough is a heartfelt story about family, football, and inner strength. With illustrations from Nick Sharratt, the artist behind Jacqueline Wilson's books, each page is full of detail and friendly artwork. 

Mina vs. the Monsoon by Rukhsanna Guidroz, illustrated by Debasmita Dasgupta

Football Books For 6 Year Olds - Mina vs The Monsoon

Mina is a young Indian girl who loves playing football, there's only one problem… monsoon season. To play her favourite game Mina attempts to stop the rain in every way she knows how. 

The book is beautifully illustrated with warmth and charming imagery on every page. Mina vs. the Monsoon gives kids a glimpse of life in India and a few new words to add to their vocabulary. The sentences are short and manageable for young readers, while still containing a level of challenge. 

Mr Men: The Big Match by Adam Hargreaves 

Football Books For 6 Year Olds - Mr Men The Big Match

The Mr Men are planning a big game of football. Mr Small loves football and is very excited about the match, but is he big enough to play? 

For the younger 6-year-olds Mr Men: The Big Match is a fantastic football picture book. In full colour and manageable sections of text, it's a great choice for independent and paired reading.

Three Lions: Football’s Coming Home by Scholastic, illustrated by Lwillys Tafur

Football Books For 6 Year Olds - Three Lions

Based on the original song by Baddiel, Skinner and Lighting Seeds, Three Lions is a fun picture book following England’s national team.

The illustrations are bright and fun, adding drama and fun to the original lyrics. The book makes for an excellent paired reading opportunity as you can sing the song together. It’s also a great way to teach kids a beloved football song in time for the next game. 


World At Your Feet by Rob Parker, illustrated by Lawerta

Football Books For 6 Year Olds - World At Your Feet

Explore some of the most iconic World Cup goals ever scored in World At Your Feet. Place yourself at the heart of the action, become Pele, Diego Maradona, Dennis Bergkamp, and many more legends as you score 16 impressive goals. 

Filled with colour and excitement, it’s the perfect read football book for 6 year olds learning to love football. Written in rhyming verse the book places the reader right in the action as they score the goals. It can make for a great paired reading experience as football-loving adults can recall seeing the goals when they were first scored. 

Little People, Big Dreams: Marcus Rashford by Maria Isabel Sánchez Vegara, illustrated by Guilherme Karsten 

Football Books For 6 Year Olds - Little People Big Dreams: Marcus Rashford

Little People, Big Dreams: Marcus Rashford tells the story of the famous footballer's life. Find out how this Premier League player's journey started.

The pages of this children's football book are filled with charming full-colour illustrations. The sentences are simple, but still contain a level of challenge for young readers. The book follows Rashford's childhood and contains themes of poverty, especially food poverty. The back of the book also contains a biographical timeline of Rashford in more detail.

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