Books about Diego Maradona

Books about Diego Maradona

Diego Maradona balanced incredible talent on the pitch with his demons away from the pitch for many years. Despite the challenges in his personal life, he still managed to become one of the greatest players of all time.

Little wonder then that the crazy story of his life has been the subject of so many books and is such a compelling read.

Here is a selection of the best books about Diego Maradona, the amazing moments of his career and the crazy stories surrounding them.

World At Your Feet by Rob Parker (2018)

One of the highlights of Diego Maradona's outstanding career is brought to life in children's football book World At Your Feet. Some of best World Cup goals of all time, including Maradona's first goal against England at the 1986 World Cup, are retold through catchy rhymes and fun illustrations. This makes it the perfect book to introduce little football fans to Maradona's solo goal and other iconic World Cup moments.

Once Upon a Time in Naples by John Ludden (2013)

Ronaldo, Messi, Zidane, di Stefano, Cruyff and Ronaldinho all spent the peak of their careers at Barcelona or Real Madrid. But Maradona left Barcelona under less than desirable circumstances. He moved to Napoli, a far less illustrious club, and won Serie A with them. No one could have done it like him. Discover the story of his experiences with football, deification, drugs and the mafia during his time in Italy.

Touched by God: How We Won the Mexico '86 World Cup by Daniel Arnucci & Diego Maradona (2017)

This is Maradona’s account of the World Cup campaign of 1986. An Argentina side heavily reliant on Maradona's talents won the tournament in Mexico. In the quarter-final, he put two past England, one with his hand and the other with his incredible talent. Gary Lineker, who was on the pitch, said that he wanted to cheer when Maradona scored his wonder goal.

The Journey: Maradona, the Generals and the road to Naples by John Ludden (2020)

Ludden's second Maradona book focuses on the rise of Maradona in Argentina, from his birth in 1960 to starting his playing career as a teenager. Follow him from the slums of Buenos Aires to playing for his country, and discover how Argentina fell in love with El Diego long before the world did.

El Diego: The Autobiography by Diego Armando Maradona (2005)

Straight from the horse's mouth. This is the great man's own take on his journey from his humble beginnings in Buenos Aires to European glory and world renown. Get insights into how his struggles outside of the game held him back.

Maradona: The Autobiography of Soccer's Greatest and Most Controversial Star by Diego Armando Maradona (2011)

Perhaps it's inevitable that someone with two distinct sides to their public persona would also have two autobiographies. This one, published in 2011, gives his unblinking take on the periods that had the greatest impact on his life. That includes the pressures of being a child prodigy, the historic semi-final game against England in 1986, his expectation-defying spell at Napoli, and his positive drug test at USA 94. 

Diego Maradona: The Last Interview and Other Conversations by Diego Maradona

Another chance to read Maradona in his own words comes courtesy of this collection of interviews with the man himself and those who knew him best at various stages of his life, from 1960 until his death in 2020.

Maradona: The Boy. The Rebel. The God by Guillem Balagué (2021)

This biography takes a psychological and sociological look at what made Maradona the legend, and what created his self-destructive. The book is based on Balagué's in-depth interviews and first-hand accounts, and follows the Spanish journalist to Argentina, Spain, Italy and Dubai in search of answers as to what made Maradona tick and how he become an adored but problematic figure.

Hand of God: The Life of Diego Maradona, Soccer's Fallen Star by Jimmy Burns (2001)

Another account of the dramatic peaks and valleys that defined Diego Maradona's life and career. It's this account that inspired filmmaker Asif Kapadia's award-winning 2019 documentary Diego Maradona. Burns' access to Maradona's inner circle makes for an intimate version of the story.

Maradona (Classic Football Heroes) by Matt Oldfield, Tom Oldfield (2018)

The Maradona book from the popular Classic Football Heroes series takes the tale of Argentina’s golden boy and presents it in the form of an accessible and engaging biography that's geared towards younger readers. 

That's our round-up of the best Diego Maradona books

If you're looking for even more Maradona reading, you won't be surprised to learn that he features in some of the best World Cup books. Who can resist the story of this complicated genius with more talent in his little finger than most footballers could ever hope of having?

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