Football books for 7 year olds

The perfect way to get a football fan excited about reading is to find books about what they love: football! With that in mind, we’ve selected an assortment of football books for 7 year olds. 

Whether you're looking for something for an avid or reluctant reader, these books are great for football fans who want as much football in their lives as possible. 

All of the books featured fall under the 7-year-old reading age, but some kids may still need help with difficult words or enjoy paired reading more.

Picture Books - Non-Fiction 

Europe At Your Feet by Rob Parker, illustrated by Lawerta 

Football books for 7 year olds

A beautifully illustrated children's football bookEurope At Your Feet encapsulates the greatest goals scored at the European Championships. Put yourself right in the middle of the action as you take on the roles of Cristiano Ronaldo, Paul Gascoigne, Marco Van Basten, and many more football legends. 

With full-colour illustrations and rhyming verses, Europe At Your Feet is exciting and suitable for a wide range of reading levels.

The Story of the World Cup by Richard Brassey

Football books for 7 year old — The Story of the World Cup

Discover the history of the sport you love. The Story of the World Cup is a full-colour picture book that explores the origins of football in all its glory. Pick up fun football facts to impress your family and friends. 

The book is filled with joy, whimsy, and fascinating information about the world of football. The sections of text are manageable for young readers, while still being challenging and educational.

The Big Book of Football by Mundial, illustrated by Damien Weighill

Football Books for 7 year olds — The Big Book of Football

This beautiful full-colour guide gives young footie fans an in-depth look at the sport they love. Learn about football lingo, players, jobs, and even the best football haircuts.

The illustrations by Damien Weighill are comical and engaging. The Big Book of Football can stay with readers throughout the years, some segments are small and manageable to read, while others are more text-heavy and may require paired reading.

Look Inside Football by Rob Lloyd Jones, Illustrated by Sean Longcroft

Football Books For 7 Year Olds - Look Inside Football

For kids wanting to build their behind-the-scenes footballing knowledge, Look Inside Football shows how footballs are made, pitch care, as well as some skills for youngsters to try.

Look Inside Football is a full-colour picture board book showing young readers the ins and outs of football from history to how to become a professional yourself. The illustrations are bright and dynamic, with each page packed full of action.

Activity Books 

Would You Rather?: Filled with Tons of Bonkers and Hilarious Football Scenarios! By Match, illustrated by Nigel Baines 

 Football books for 7 year olds - Would You Rather?

This football edition of Would You Rather? poses a series of gross and silly 'would you rather..?' questions to the reader. There will be laugh-out-loud moments as little ones decide whether they'd rather want to be hit in the face by a rocket shot from Harry Kane or crash into a goalpost.

Written by Match, the top UK football magazine, each page contains a new question and fun illustrations to match. The words are manageable for a 7-year-old reader, but names and football terminology could require adult help. 

Football Jokes: Fantastically Funny Jokes for football Fanatics by Jane Eccles

Football Books For 7 Year Olds - Football Jokes

Your mini football fan will have their friends in stitches with Football Jokes. From short and sweet jokes like: “Why was the mummy no good at football? He was too wrapped up in himself” to longer laughs. 

The jokes are in small manageable segments. It also includes many black-and-white illustrations. This is a great option for any jokester football fan, especially those who aren't normally interested in reading.

More football books for 7 year olds

Hopefully, these books will give you some good ideas for football-themed books for 7 year old boys and girls who love the beautiful game.

If this selection isn’t at the right reading level we also have a selection of football books for other ages, which might be worth exploring:

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