Football books for 9 year olds

Football books for 9 year olds

If you've got a little one who wants to do nothing other than play football or watch football perhaps you can coax them towards a third option: reading about it. With that in mind, we've gathered a selection of the best football books for 9 year olds to keep young fans entertained between matches. 

Choose from exciting chapter books, real football stories, and advice on how to become a better player in this range of children's football books


Girls FC: Do Goalkeepers Wear Tiaras? By Helena Pielichaty

Football Books for 9 Year Olds - Girls FC

All 9-year-old Megan wants to do is play football, but she isn’t being noticed by her school coach. Taking matters into her own hands, she starts an all-girl under 9’s team. The only problem is you need far more than one goalkeeper for a football match.

The chapters are short with minimal illustrations. Do Goalkeepers Wear Tiaras? is the first in the Girls FC series, readers can follow the team through their wins and losses.

The Football Boy Wonder by Martin Smith 

Football books for 9 year olds - The Football Boy Wonder

Charlie Fry is used to the sidelines, he has the skill and the determination but his lungs are holding him back. One day he discovers a goal-scoring gift, he can’t miss! With bullies threatening to keep him on the subs' bench, can Charlie convince Hall Park to let him play? 

Written by Martin Smith, who was diagnosed with cystic fibrosis at a young age, this is a heartfelt story about football, friendship, and self-belief. The story is engaging and although it contains no illustrations the descriptions are colourful.

Kick by Mitch Johnson

Football books for 9 year olds - Kick

Bundi spends his days repetitively sewing football boots, but his dream is to one day play for the greatest team on earth, Real Madrid. This dream is looking further and further away as he leaves himself indebted to Dragon, the most dangerous man in Jakarta. 

Kick is about much more than football, it covers themes of poverty, child labour, and bravery. The novel has been endorsed by Amnesty International UK and won the Bradford Boase Award. 

The Dream Team: Jaz Santos vs. The World by Priscilla Mante 

Jaz and her team the Bramrock Stars are trying to win their local tournament and be taken seriously as footballers. It’s not just fame that Jaz is after, she hopes that with enough success her mum will come back home.

This is the first book in the dream team series. Jaz Santos vs. The World is a story about friendship, rejection, girl power, and a passion for football.

Soccer Superstar by Jake Maddox, illustrated by Mel Joy San Juan 

Football books for 9 year olds - Soccer Superstar

After going viral for his goal, Javier Moreno is getting too big for his football boots. He’s become a ball hogger and a show-off. With his team so close to the championships, will Javier be the teammate they all need or the reason they fail?

This full-colour graphic novel has small amounts of text, with the majority of the story told through speech. This is a great option for reluctant readers who don't like the idea of chapter books.


Unbelievable Football: The Most Incredible Football Stories (You Never Knew) by Matt Oldfield, illustrated by Ollie Mann 

Football books for 9 year olds - Unbelievable Football

This collection of football stories encapsulates the true sense of what football is for so many people. With stories such as the octopus who could predict the World Cup and unbelievable comebacks, impress your friends and family with all your new football knowledge!

The stories can be read independently so it is a great choice for people who want a book that doesn't need to be read cover to cover. Want more stories? Try Unlimited Football 2!

Play Like Your Football Heroes: Pro tips for becoming a top player by Matt Oldfield, Seth Burkett, Illustrated by Tom Jennings

Football books for 9 year olds - Play Like Your Football Heroes

Always wanted to play like a pro? Try Play Like Your Football Heros. It’s filled with tons of top tips on how to improve your game, as well as stories from players. It introduces kids to the idea that becoming great isn’t just about natural talent. It’s time, dedication, and a love for what you do. Play Like Your Football Heroes is a fantastic book to help young football players get into the right mindset and not compare themselves to others. 

World At Your Feet by Rob Parker, illustrated by Lawerta

Football Books for 9 Year Olds - World At Your Feet

Explore some of the most iconic football goals ever scored in World At Your Feet. Score 16 impressive goals as you become part of football history. 

Filled with colour and excitement, it's the perfect football book for 9 year olds. Written in rhyming verse, the book places the reader right in the action as they score the goals. World At Your Feet includes goals from Pele, Diego Maradona, Dennis Bergkamp, and many more legends. 

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