Football Gifts for Kids

Are you overwhelmed with all the gift options for kids? Don’t want to buy something that will end up forgotten in a week? The good news is, if a kid in your life loves football they’ll most likely love a football-related gift.

Whether they’re a player or a fan, there are plenty of football gifts for kids on the market. We’ve narrowed down our favourite gifts for little football lovers. 

World At Your Feet and Europe At Your Feet by Rob Parker

Our books World At Your Feet and Europe At Your Feet are the perfect football gifts for kids. Your football-obsessed little one will be able to explore some of the most iconic goals ever scored.

The books capture great moments in the history of football without relying on plain facts and figures. Instead, beautiful illustrations and rhyming verses bring classic goals to life, with the reader at the heart of the action. 

They are suitable for kids aged 3-10, but will be a hit with football fanatics of any age. 

The Dream Team: Jaz Santos vs. The World by Priscilla Mante 

This is the first book in the middle-grade series The Dream Team. The story follows Jaz and her football team the Bramrock Stars as they try to win their local tournament. It’s a heartwarming story, full of passion for the sport and girl power.

Being the first in a series it’s a great starting point for young readers between 8-12, but both books in the series so far are great football gifts for kids.

The Football Game 

For ages 8 and over, The Football Game board game is great for kids who are interested in football on and off the pitch. Take charge of your own football club and manage them to victory.

It’s a mixture of skill and luck as you play through an entire football season. This is a great choice for any kid that loves football and board games.


Tac-Tics is a quick and easy to learn football card game. The aim of the game is to put your team members into formation before the other players manage to complete their line-up.

With an age range of 6-99 and no football knowledge required, it’s the perfect game to rope the entire family into playing. Best of all it can be easily thrown in a bag for away trips.


Subbuteo is a classic football gift. Perhaps the ultimate of all football gifts for kids. Created in 1947, this hands-on table-top game has maintained popularity for a reason. Subbuteo is easy to pick up while still leaving room to grow and master the skill and tactics of the game.

You can choose between a variety of game sets with current options including UEFA Champions League and England Lionesses packs. Subbuteo is suitable for ages 6+ and is a great way to share the love of football across generations. 

3D Stadium Puzzles 

Want to relive memories of your favourite stadium? Nanostad 3D Puzzles come in a variety of stadiums. The kits have EasyFit Technology, no mess or worry about glue getting on fingers! It’s suitable for fans aged 7+ and can make an exciting group project. When you're done you’ll be left with a model of your stadium ready for display in your home. 

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