Books for 9 year old boys

Books for 9 year old boys

Finding a book for 9 year old boys can be difficult. With so many books to choose from, the options can sometimes be overwhelming. That's why we’ve selected a list of books sure to capture the imagination of 9 year olds. 

Whether it's superpowers, magic, monsters or silly facts, there's a book out there for everyone. So let's take a look at some of the best books for 9 year old boys.


It’s The End of the World and I’m In My Bathing Suit by Justin A. Reynolds

Eddie is ready for his summer, but there's just one problem… he has to do chores. His most dreaded chore is the laundry, so he’s devised a plan to wear every item of clothing he owns to put off his laundry as long as possible. Wearing his final clean outfit his power goes off, leaving Eddie in nothing but a bathing suit and some flip-flops to explore the neighbourhood. He finds his friends, but strangely, no one else. 

The story is narrated by 12 year old Eddie, so the style is very relaxed and fun. The story's plot moves slowly and is more of a chilled-out read. Eddie is a likeable character filled with excitement and fun. 

Noah’s Gold by Frank Cottrell Boyce

From Millions author Frank Cottrell Boyce comes a story of adventure and mystery. Noah sneaks his way onto his sister's school trip, except he doesn't get the day out he was planning for when they end up stuck on a deserted island. The group is left with their packed lunches, a missing teacher, and no internet! 

Laugh out loud funny, the story is told through letters Noah has written home to his parents. The pages are interesting, filled with maps, text messages, and black and white illustrations of the group on their adventure. Frank Cottrell Boyce writes an engaging, witty, and thoughtful story that’s sure to be a hit with 9 year old boys.

The Last Firefox by Lee Newbery

Charlie is getting ready to start his first year in high school, facing the idea of becoming a big brother, and dealing with bullies. His wish to be braver is becoming non-negotiable as he’s selected to become the guardian of a magical firefox, the last of his kind. When Charlie discovers his new furry friend is in more danger than he realised, he needs to step up to the task and become the person he’s always wished he could be. 

Brimming with magic, The Last Firefox is about family, friendship, and finding yourself. It’s fast-paced, relatable, and heartwarming. The illustrations featured are dynamic and fun. The book features beautifully tender writing that brings up themes of adoption and having gay parents, as Charlie has to come to terms with becoming a big brother. 

The Danger Gang by Tom Fletcher, Illustrated by Shane Devries

After Franky moves away from his best friend to a town called Freaky, a mysterious green storm arrives. When the storm subsides, the kids start to experience some strange and powerful side effects. There's only one thing to do, create the Danger Gang!

Written in the form of letters between friends, the book is conversational and inserts the reader into the friend group. The pages are manageable for young readers, and it has exciting typography and black and white illustrations throughout. The strength of the kids' friendship is what shines through. The Danger Gang is a great choice for fans of superheroes and gross humour.

Frostheart by Jamie Littler 

In a cold fantasy world where monsters lurk under the snow-sea lives Ash. With Tobu, his yeti guardian, at his side Ash awaits his parents’ return to the stronghold. Everything changes when Ash discovers a special ability, the power to communicate with the Leviathans. His time at his stronghold is over as he embarks on a new adventure to find his family. 

At 442 pages and the first of a trilogy, Frostheart is a journey. The storyline is so exciting and well-paced, you’ll wish it was longer. It has beautiful full-page illustrations and small illustrations within the text, painting a vivid picture of the fantasy world and the people. The characters are complex and likeable. Frostheart is the first instalment in the trilogy, so grab your coat and get ready for an adventure. 

Nonfiction picture books

World At Your Feet by Rob Parker, illustrated by Lawerta

Ever wanted to become Pele, Diego Maradona, Dennis Bergkamp, and other football legends? Now you can! Explore some of the most iconic football goals ever scored in children's football book World At Your Feet. Place yourself at the heart of the action, as you score 16 impressive goals throughout football history.

World At Your Feet is a beautiful picture book with rhyming verses. Filled with colour and excitement, it’s the perfect read for a football-obsessed 9 year old boy. It can be enjoyed by both advanced and reluctant readers.

The Encyclopedia of Unbelievable Facts by Jane Wilsher

Ever wanted to know if you can tickle yourself? Or wondered how fast the fastest lawnmower goes? The perfect book for curious minds, The Encyclopedia of Unbelievable Facts is filled with hundreds of questions and answers. It's the kind of book you can flip through, open on a random page and learn something new. 

The topics span everything you could think of, from the human body to art. The illustrations are simple and fun. Non-fiction can be intimidating for some kids, but the question-and-answer format makes it less of a lecture and more of a fun activity. The book even gives suggestions on different ways to engage with the book, like using it to quiz your family or guessing the question based on the answer.

The Biggest Footprint: Eight Billion Humans by Rob Sears, illustrated by Tom Sears

What if we took every single human on earth and made them into one mega human? The Biggest Footprint imagines just that. It takes facts and figures and shows just what our huge population means in relation to other animals. The mega human is the biggest, but not the smartest. Soon they discover their impact and try to work out how to reduce it. 

This beautiful book is whimsical but grounded in statistics. It has full-colour illustrations that help with cementing the grandness of the numbers used. It's a delightfully clever way to explain our impact on the world to children, while also making it interesting and fun. 

More recommended reading 

All the books in this list have 9 year old boys in their age range, but some 9 year olds will still need help with a few words or prefer some paired reading. 

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