Reviews of World At Your Feet from our readers

One of the best things about creating World At Your Feet has been getting feedback from customers after they have read the book.

It is immensely satisfying when people take the time to get in touch to tell us that they or their children (or they and their children) have enjoyed reading World At Your Feet.

Here are some of the reviews of World At Your Feet from our readers.

"Bought this for my son’s pre World Cup bedtime reading. He loves it. Great book. It's a great idea and really well designed. Jake made me show him every one of the goals on YouTube after he read it. He was asking if the goals were real as he was reading it. Even comparing the kits and numbers to the videos to make sure I wasn't lying to him." - Jamie Cottrell

"Our copy arrived today and we've just read it for the first time. Absolutely worth the wait!!!!" - Matthew Hall

"Received my copy of the brand new World at Your Feet book today! Thoroughly impressed, great illustration and witty narration! A beautiful book for the beautiful game." - Matt Dickenson

"The World At Your Feet team have created something special with this book! Especially appreciate the attention to detail with the shirts." - Phil Delves

"I thought the illustrations were good. The wording is fantastic. Top job." - Arley Byrne

"I just wanted to say congratulations on your wonderful book. I've really enjoyed reading it to my kids at night, especially during the World Cup. My son even had me explain what the numbers on the players' shirt meant, so I got to bestow my tactical knowledge upon him as a spin-out conversation from the stories." - Tim Potter

"Got my copy today: awesome." - @goallllazzo, Instagram

"This book is excellent. It was bought with children in mind, but the rhymes are really entertaining and the illustrations are out of this world! Definitely a great read for youngsters, also footy fans of all ages (especially those with fond memories of the World Cup over the years)." - Jill, Amazon review

"Love this book. The writing is great and the kids love the illustrations. Kids love the stories and we end up watching the videos of the goals the next day!!" - Samsung Galaxy Tab, Amazon review

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