Belfast Telegraph features World At Your Feet

World At Your Feet has been featured in the Belfast Telegraph.

Author Rob Parker spoke to the daily newspaper about the book and the inspiration behind it.

His two-year-old identical twin daughters, Carmen and Iris, whose twin obsessions of football and picture books were his motivation for writing World At Your Feet, were also featured in the piece.

As Rob discussed in more depth in an article he wrote, the girls love to watch football on television with him and have done since they were born.

The article describes World At Your Feet as an "illustrated book that pays homage to the game's most famous moments" and says it features "rhyming verse and colourful artwork produced by renowned Spanish illustrator Jorge Lawerta, who is well-known for his stylised images of the beautiful game".

You can read the Belfast Telegraph's write-up on World At Your Feet in full here.

Click here to buy World At Your Feet.



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