Europe At Your Feet is coming

We're delighted to announce that Europe At Your Feet, the follow-up to World At Your Feet, is on its way.

Initial artwork is being unveiled at Bologna Children's Book Fair this morning. As you can see from that artwork, Netherlands legend Marco van Basten is among those whose goals feature in Europe At Your Feet.

You can also expect goals from Paul Gascoigne and Ronnie Whelan as we celebrate some of the greatest strikes ever scored at European summer tournaments.

Europe At Your Feet is expected to be published in time for Christmas 2019 (and equally importantly summer 2020).

World At Your Feet author Rob Parker and illustrator Lawerta have reunited for the new book. So, if you enjoyed the rhyming commentary and vivid illustrations of World At Your Feet, you can expect Europe At Your Feet to be right up your street.

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