Christmas gifts for boys: World At Your Feet is a great gift idea

Are you currently looking for Christmas gifts for boys? It can be tricky coming up with Christmas gift ideas for boys, who are notoriously harder to buy for than girls.

If you're on the hunt for a present for a boy who is into his football, may we suggest a copy of World At Your Feet as a potential stocking filler.

Christmas Gifts for Boys

World At Your Feet is our children's football book, which features 16 memorable goals. Each goal is brought to life by entertaining, rhyming commentary and stunning illustrations.

Here are a few things that mark out World At Your Feet as a cool Christmas gift for boys:

An entertaining read

When you're buying a book as a Christmas gift, you primarily want it to be a good read. We think we've got that box ticked.

Blogger BookBairn, who reviews scores of picture books, said: "If your kid is loving football then this is a great story for them!"

The books features some of world football's iconic goals, with strikes from Diego Maradona, Dennis Bergkamp, Robin van Persie and Pele among those featured. There are a total of 16 goals told in witty rhyming couplets.

Beautifully designed

It's also nice if a Christmas gift looks presentable. World At Your Feet features 16 double-page spreads illustrated by renowned Spanish artist Lawerta. Memorable moments from the history of the beautiful game are recreated across the pages in glorious colour and Lawerta's eye-catching style.

The vivid illustrations are printed on 200gsm matt art paper, so this also feels like a nice Christmas gift when you're holding it and turning the pages.

Reasonably priced

Buying Christmas gifts for boys can be an expensive business, particularly if they happen to be little football fans. If they have got their eyes on this season's replica kit (or kits), the latest pair of snazzy football boots or the ubiquitous football video game, you're not going to be getting much change out of £100 whatever you buy.

World At Your Feet is a great Christmas for football fans that won't break the bank. At £8.99, it is perfect if you're looking to spend a bit less than some of the items we mentioned above cost. Of course, it also makes a nice stocking filler for someone who is already getting a new kit, a pair of boots or a copy of FIFA 19.

Encourages reluctant readers

We've already wheeled out the stereotype about it being harder to buy Christmas gifts for boys than for girls, so here's the one about boys being reluctant readers.

Of course, this is actually backed up hard evidence: boys continue to trail behind girls when it comes to their reading skills. There is a suggestion that boys think reading isn't cool and that books are not of interest to them.

Boys who would rather be outside with a ball than inside doing... well, anything at all really are probably particularly prone to this way of thinking. World At Your Feet might help to convince the football-mad reluctant reader in your life that books are worth a look.

And while they might think they are just reading about football, they will also be soaking up rhyme, metaphors, similes, assonance, rhetorical questions and lots of other things that will come in handy at school.

Sparks parent-child conversations

Those who have already bought World At Your Feet tell us that it helps to create a bond between young reader and adult. We've heard tales of children quizzing parents on their memories of the goals featured and embarking on joint-research projects to investigate that goals in more detail.

Continuing the stereotype from above, boys who are reluctant readers are often not excellent conversationalists at this age, especially when it comes to answering their parents' questions. World At Your Feet might be the encouragement they need to have a bit of chat.

Encourages independent learning

As we mentioned above, we've heard several tales of readers going on to investigate the goals that inspired the book after reading the book. To them, that process is probably called watching football on YouTube, but it actually demonstrates independent learning and research skills that will stand them in good stead.

Christmas Gifts For Boys: World At Your Feet

Want to give World At Your Feet this Christmas?

If World At Your Feet sounds like one of the Christmas gifts for boys you would like to give this year, you can buy your copy right now.

Click here to buy the book.

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