3 for 2 on World At Your Feet for Christmas

Starting to get a bit twitchy about your Christmas shopping? Don't worry, we've got a great deal to help you tick a few presents off your list quickly, easily and cost-effectively. It's all about our new 3-4-2 formation...

We're offering a 3 for 2 deal on World At Your Feet until 11.30am on Saturday, December 22, which is the cut-off for Christmas delivery (the cut-off for free delivery is 3pm on Tuesday, December 18. More information).

Just add three copies of World At Your Feet to your cart and you'll automatically be charged for just two of them when you checkout.

Whether it's multiple sons, brothers, nephews, friends, team-mates or players you coach that you need to buy for, you'll be able to pick up a present they will each love at a bargain price.

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